Green Building

We offer a complete list of energy efficient building applications that will make your home perform at the highest level possible and provide you with a healthy, comfortable, very low maintenance, durable home that will last for generations. We work with green rater agencies that will inspect and provide testing of your home from beginning stages and through completion and certify your home meets the standards within the Green Building Industry.

This home previewed below is a passive solar design, which combines south facing windows with an insulated thermal mass concrete / tile floor that absorbs heat from sun light during the winter months. The west, north and east facing windows are Low-E to limit the heat gain. The overhangs were built to shade the structure from heat gain during the summer. The home was constructed using the Rastra Block system, which is a 10 inch wide concrete impregnated foam block form that is grouted solid and has an insulating valve of R28. The home also has a 2.7 KW solar panel system that makes energy and puts it back into the power grid. The home is all electric and generates on the average $65 per month utility bill.

Construction Site Passive Solar Rastra Block Structure Form Home Building
Construction of Walls Grouting

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